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Kidov A. A., Doronin I. V., Pykhov S. G., Doronina M. A. A New Record of Lacerta media Lantz et Cyrén, 1920 (Reptilia, Lacertidae) in Talysh. Current Studies in Herpetology, 2019, vol. 19, iss. , pp. 68-73. DOI:

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A New Record of Lacerta media Lantz et Cyrén, 1920 (Reptilia, Lacertidae) in Talysh


The paper discusses the spread of the medium lizard, Lacerta media, in the Talysh Mountains on the territory of Republic of Azerbaijan. Earlier, findings of this species were known in the North-Western part of the Talysh only. A new record of the medium lizard from the Sym village in the Astara District of Azerbaijan is presented.


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