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Kukushkin O. V., Turbanov I. S., Gorelov R. A., Trofimov A. G. On limits of the distribution range of the Crimean rock lizard Darevskia lindholmi (Sauria: Lacertidae). Current Studies in Herpetology, 2021, vol. 21, iss. 2, pp. 101-122. DOI:

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On limits of the distribution range of the Crimean rock lizard Darevskia lindholmi (Sauria: Lacertidae)


New data on the boundaries of the distribution range of the Lindholm rock lizard (Darevskia lindholmi), an endemic of the Crimean Peninsula, are presented. This petrophilous lizard inhabit a wide range of biotopes in various landscape levels of the Mountainous Crimea. The upper boundary of D. lindholmi distribution in the southwest of the Main Range of the Crimean Mountains reaches an elevation of 1,520 m a.s.l. (Ai-Petrinskaya Yayla, Kemal-Egerek Mountain), while on the other high uplands with altitudes above 1.5 km and colder climate (Babugan and Chatyrdag), the species was traced only up to 1,250–1,320 m a.s.l. The northern border of D. lindholmi range in the western part of the Crimean Mountains runs along the Outer Foothill Range (the right bank of the Alma River), while in the eastern part it corresponds the northernmost rocky massifs of the Inner Foothill Range to the north of 45º N latitude. Isolated marginal populations found in the forest-steppe or phrygana-steppe landscapes of the Foothills and arid Southeastern Coast differs significantly in their distance from the main habitat of the species, lizards’ abundance and density. A hypothetical history of the formation of the current range of the Lindholm lizard is discussed.


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