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Dunayev E. A., Solovyeva E. N., Poyarkov N. A. Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Distribution of Phrynocephalus (superspecies guttatus) (Reptilia: Agamidae). Current Studies in Herpetology, 2020, vol. 20, iss. 1, pp. 16-34. DOI:

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Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Distribution of Phrynocephalus (superspecies guttatus) (Reptilia: Agamidae)


7 qualitative pholidosis characters were revealed, according to which the phylogenetic groups of spotted toad-headed agamas, Phrynocephalus (superspecies guttatus), reliably differ from each other, and a diagnostic key was designed based thereon for distinguishing representatives of the group. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a fragment of the COI gene of mtDNA confirmed the differentiation of Ph. melanurus in two lineages; also Ph. incertus and Ph. kuschakewitschi stand apart with high supports. The subspecies Ph. g. kalmykus on the obtained dendrogram represents a separate lineage close to the nominative subspecies Ph. g. guttatus, whereas Ph. g. salsatus, by contrast, falls into one clade with Ph. g. guttatus.


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