Ecological niches breadth analysis of Darevskia (Lacertidae, Reptilia) parthenogenetic lizards with various scenarios of clonal lineage formation in populations

In this work, we tested the conditions for fulfilling the concept of geographic parthenogenesis by a comparative analysis of the breadth of the ecological niches of parental and parthenogenetic lizards of the genus Darevskia with a various number of established hybridization events. Estimates of the breadth of ecological niches of the parthenogenetic species D. rostombekowi Nb = 0.6(±0.08) and parental bisexual species D.

Phylogeny and geographic distribution of rock lizards (Lacertidae, Reptilia) in Alborz mountain range

Rock lizards of the genus Darevskia have long been an important model object for study of reptile evolution. To understand the overall picture, it is important to know how bisexual and parthenogenetic species are distributed within this genus. The ranges of Caucasian species of rock lizards have been studied for a long time and in detail. However, recent attention to the species inhabiting the territory of Iran has been attracted after the description of several new species in 2013.