финансовые затраты

Comparative analysis of the growth and development of male and female Pevtsov's toad, Bufotes pewzowi (Amphibia: Anura, Bufonidae) in laboratory conditions

Differences in growth rates are shown, as well as in the cost of rearing male and female Bufotes pewzowi under laboratory conditions. We observed a tendency for females to be superior in length and weight, but statistically significant differences (U = 13, p < 0.05) were noted only in weight after 50 weeks of rearing. Over the entire period of the study, the weight gain of females was 54.2±5.04 g, males – 45.3±6.15 g. The actual cost of rearing 1 female was 497.2±58.34 rubles (426.6–557.7), 1 male – 389.9±75.86 rubles (244.7–488.2).