государственный природный заказник местного значения «Орда».

Distribution, Status and Prospects for the Conservation of the Caspian Whipsnake Hierophis Caspius (Gmelin, 1789) (Colubridae, Reptilia) in Kazakhstan

The Caspian whipsnake was described by I. I. Lepyokhin (1771), possibly from the Western Kazakhstan. The species name caspius was assigned to the snake by J. F. Gmelin (1789). Based on our own and literature data, modern habitats of the Caspian whipsnake are given in the Western Kazakhstanian and Atyrau regions of Kazakhstan – from 48°47.305' N and 47°22.559' E (in the north) to 46°56.536' N and 49°18.177' E (in the south).