On the issue of the thermal adaptation of the larvae caucasian brown frog Rаna macrocnemis Boulenger, 1885 (Amphibia, Ranidae) to low-temperature environmental conditions

The results of the study of hematological parameters of the blood of the larvae caucasian brown frog Rana macrocnemis and the total activity of catalase compared with adults and at different temperature conditions: at 23°C and after five days of hypothermia at 5°C. Differences in the blood formula were revealed in different periods of ontogenesis and under the influence of artificial hypothermia.

Ontogenetic Changes in the Properties of the Poisonous Secretion of Vipera renardi (Reptilia: Viperidae)

The paper presents the results of our long-term (August 2014–October 2016) observations of changes in some properties of the poisonous secretion of eastern steppe vipers of the nominative subspecies Vipera renardi renardi (Christoph, 1861) during their postembryonic ontogenesis. The poisonous secretion of newborn vipers differed from the venom of adult snakes by an increased protease activity and the absence of any L-amino acid oxidase activity; all newborns had colorless venom.