Talysh Mountains

Distribution and Conservation of the Nikolsky’s Pitviper, Gloydius caucasicus (Reptilia, Viperidae) in Azerbaijan

The paper discusses the distribution of Nikolsky’s pitviper, Gloydius caucasicus, in Azerbaijan. According to the authors’ own research results, literature data and museum collections, 32 findings of this species in the Jalilabad (1 locality), Yardymly (11 localities), Lerik (10 localities), Lenkoran (10 localities) and Astara (5 localities) administrative districts are presented.

On the Reproductive Biology of the Hyrcanian Meadow Lizard, Darevskia praticola hyrcanica (Lacertidae, Reptilia)

The paper presents materials on the reproductive biology of the hyrcanian meadow lizard, Darevskia praticola hyrcanica from a typical locality (the Gadasygahi Natural Boundaries, Talysh Mountains, Astara administrative district of Azerbaijan). Animals were caught in the first decade of May, 2016. After being caught, the adult lizards were kept in groups (one female and two males) in our laboratory until oviposition. Females with a body length of 45.8 - 60.6 mm were laying eggs from May 28 till June 20. A total of 25 egg clutches with 72 eggs were studied.