body condition

Body Size and Condition Dynamics of Pelobates fuscus (Anura, Pelobatidae) Metamorfs under Transphormation of Floodplain Lakes Hydrological Regime

The long-term dynamics of size and weight characteristics and body condition of Pelobates fuscus metamorphs in five local populations of the Medveditsa river floodplain (Saratov region) are analyzed. The limits of changes in body length, live and dry weight, and the body condition index (W/SVL) of males and females were established. In 2009 - 2018 the size and weight parameters of the P. fuscus metamorphs had a significant level of interannual variation. The body length was 21.0 to 44.0 mm in males and 22.1 to 44.0 mm in females.