Age structure and growth of the oriental tree frog (Hyla orientalis, Amphibia, Hylidae) in the Samur Forest (North-Eastern Caucasus)

The paper presents the results of studying the age structure and growth of the eastern tree frog (Hyla orientalis) in the Samur Forest. In the Primorskiy village (Magaramkent district, Republic of Dagestan, Russian Federation) in the first decade of May 2022, 7 females and 13 males were captured. The age of animals was determined by the cross sections of phalanx by standard method of skeletochronology. Age of females was 2–5 years (3.4 on average), males 1–6 years (3.4 on average).

Some data on the parasite fauna of the Caucasian agama Paralaudakia caucasia Eichwald, 1831 (Agamidae, Reptilia) in Dagestan

Information on the species composition of the parasite fauna of the Caucasian agama P. caucasia is given. In total, 12 individuals of the Caucasian agama were studied and 5 species of helminths were found (Macracanthorhynchus catulinus, Thelandros popovi, T. markovi, Parapharyngodon brevicaudatus, Parapharyngodon szczerbakin). Ectoparasites were not found on the studied agamas.

On the Reduction of the Area and Abundance of the Greek Tortoise Testudo graeca Linnaeus, 1758 (Testudinidae, Reptilia) on the Primorsky Lowland of Dagestan and Problems of its Conservation

Data on the status of the populations of Testudo graeca Linnaeus, 1758 on the Primorsky lowland of Dagestan are given. The research was conducted in 2014 - 2018. Over the past few decades, the range of this species on the Primorsky lowland has reduced by nine or more times. Viable populations were preserved on the coastal dunes and semidesert-steppe landscapes in the vicinity of the Aji Lake (1,300 hectares) and along the fringes and outskirts of the forest in the Samur River delta (2,100 hectares).