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Sexual Variability of Histological Skin Parameters of Salamandrella keyserlingii (Amphibia, Caudata) in the Aquatic and Terrestrial Phases of its Seasonal Cycle

Histological features of the dorsal (DS), throat (TS) and tail skins (caudal skin, CS) were exa-mined in Salamandrella keyserlingii females of the aquatic and terrestrial morphotypes. Using histological and statistical methods, sexual differences in the relative areas of epidermis, strata compactum and spongiosum, connective tissue in the whole, granular and mucous glands were measured.

Captive Breeding of the Alpine Newt, Ichthyosaura alpestris (Laurenti, 1768) (Amphibia, Caudata, Salamndridae) under Hormonal Stimulation

The Alpine newt, Ichthyosaura alpestris, is widely distributed in Central Europe. This species is common for most part of its habitat. I. alpestris is rare in Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria and Denmark. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg the Alpine newt is endangered. A large number of publications on the keeping and breeding of this species in captivity is known. This allows the Alpine newt to be saved in artificial conditions, as well as to carry out projects on its reintroduction.

Histological Characteristics of the Skin of Salamandrella keyserlingii (Caudata, Hynobiidae) Females in Aqutic and Terrestrial Phases of Seasonal Cycle

Morphological features of the dorsal (DS), throat (TS) and tail skins (caudal skin, CS) were examined in the aquatic- and terrestrial-morphotype females of Salamandrella keyserlingii. Using histological and statistical methods, the presence of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, the fullness degree of the mucous glands, and the development of the subdermal connective tissue were estimated.