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Condition of Populations and the Conservation Status of the Vipera renardi (Christoph, 1861) (Reptilia, Serpentes) in the Saratov Region

The historical and modern distributions of the steppe viper (Vipera renardi) in the territory of the Saratov region are analyzed. The condition of its local populations in various parts of the area is shown. The ne-cessity of monitoring and determining its conservation status in the publication of the Red DATA Book of the Saratov Region are established.

On the Distribution of Eremias arguta deserti (Gmelin, 1789) (Reptilia, Lacertidae) in Kabardino-Balkaria

The paper discusses the distribution of the Steppe Runner (Eremias arguta) in the North Caucasus, in the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria. A new find of the species from the Geduko natural boundary in the Baksan District is presented.

On Eggs Re-Laying of Greenbelly Lizards from the Darevskia (Chlorogaster) Complex (Reptilia, Lacertidae)

The paper discusses cases of eggs re-laying in two lizard species from the Darevskia (chlorogaster) complex. A male and a female of D. Chlorogaster were captured on 22 March, 2016 in the Gilan province (Iran), and she subsequently laid eggs on 29 May (4 eggs) and 5 July (4 ones). The eggs had length of 10.4–12.8 mm, the width of 6.1–6.5 mm, and the weight of 0.240–0.340 g. Young lizards came out from seven eggs after 52–55 days of incubation. The body length of these newborn lizards was 22.9–27.8 mm, the tail length was 38.5–46.5 mm, and the weight was 0.330–0.460 g.

Current Distribution and Some Features of the Biology of the Common Lizard – Zootoca vivipara (Lichtenstein, 1823) (Lacertidae, Reptilia) in the Saratov Region

On the territory of the Saratov region, the populations of viviparous lizards mainly inhabit the river valleys of the Don basin. Most populations were found along the sides of lake basins. In the conditions of the drying up of floodplain lakes, some populations have degraded while the others have moved to river-bed biotopes. The reduction in the number of local populations has led to their increased disconnection.


«RusTerra magazine» is only edition of terrarium animals in Russia, which created 2015. Here is brief historical background on the development of Russian periodicals where published some articles about keeping and breeding of amphibians and reptiles since the End of 19th century. Also here is the history of the journal, its content, authors, prospects and opportunities.


VI All-Russian Conference With International Participation “Mountain Ecosystems and Their Components” (Russia, Nalchik, 11-16 September 2017).

Second Conference in Commemoration of Ilya S. Darevsky (Russia, Saint Petersburg, 21 December, 2018)

Second Conference in Commemoration of Ilya S. Darevsky (Russia, Saint Petersburg, 21 December, 2018)

Larisa K. Iogansen

9 июля 2017 г. - юбилейная дата для старшего хранителя лаборатории орнитологии и герпетологии Зоологического института РАН Ларисе Корнелевне Иогансен. Сердечно поздравляем Ларису Корнелевну с юбилейной датой, желаем ей здоровья и дальнейших творческих успехов, в том числе и на поприще работы в Герпетологическом обществе им. А.М. Никольского.

Lev Ya. Borkin

The article is dedicated to the anniversary of Lev Yakovlevich Borkin, who turned 70 on August 31, 2019.

New Data on Some Russian Herpetologists. Communication 2

The publication contains previously unknown biographic and bibliographic data on the herpetologists L. D. Moritz, S. F. Tsarevsky, B. V. Pestinsky and I. S. Darevsky. A significant amount of information was found in the Central State Historical Archive of St. Petersburg: student’s affairs of Moritz and Tsarevsky.